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What's the Endless Summer Walk?: There's a point in between seasons that's almost a season in itself. We wish the best of the summer stayed around while we embrace the cooler temperatures and clear, dry air.

Maybe the best place to experience the nostagia of the past is the Jersey Shore. And, we give you two views - the bay and the ocean! 

Walk with us for 10, 20, 30 or something in between. We begin and end with NJ Transit;'s NJ Coast from Matawan and end in Asbury Park where you can hop a train back to your car or back to the city. Or, follow our schedule and map above and plan your own route along the way.

The Best Walk?: Well, evaluating a walk can be tough but our survey shows that this walk was one of the highest rated we have ever organized. The bay, bridge, ocean, hills, and towns are simply magnificent!