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The Longer Summer of 2017

join our seventh annual Endless Summer Walk - 30 miles along the Jersey shore on Saturday, September 23, 2017. As always, this walk continues to be one of our most popular events each year and falls between our Summer & Fall walking seasons.

This year we hope to benefit once again from ideal temps and stunning vistas all day long. The walk starts at the Aberdeen-Matawan train station with half the distance along the bayshore and half along the ocean catching a convenient Asbury Park train back. This year our final gathering party will be Johnny Mac's House of Spirits, We ended our walk last year detouring from the crowded scene at the Bier Hall to stumble upon Johnny Mac's a very eclectic, inexpensive, casual and convenient place that is legend in Asbury Park. So, we're moving the ending venue there this year.

Our selected charity this year is once again the  Jersey Shore Rescue Mission in Asbury Park. A share of the money we collected from your voluntary donations will put to good use helping support the less fortunate in the Jersey Shore area with food and shelter.

Won't you join us again in 2017 for another spectacular end to the summer along the New Jersey shore?

What's the Endless Summer Walk?: There's a point in between seasons that's almost a season in itself. We wish the best of the summer stayed around while we embrace the cooler temperatures and clear, dry air.

Maybe the best place to experience the nostagia of the past is the Jersey Shore. And, we give you two views - the bay and the ocean! 

Walk with us for 10, 20, 30 or something in between. We begin and end with NJ Transit;'s NJ Coast from Matawan and end in Asbury Park where you can hop a train back to your car or back to the city. Or, follow our schedule and map above and plan your own route along the way.

The Best Walk?: Well, evaluating a walk can be tough but our survey shows that this walk was one of the highest rated we have ever organized. The bay, bridge, ocean, hills, and towns are simply magnificent!


Asbury Park: A Best Place to Travel in 2016

on Thu, 08/11/2016 - 18:11

The magazine Tavel&Leisure rated Asbury Park #10 in its Best Places to Travel 2016 (world-wide survey). The Jersey Shore town, 90 minutes south of New York City, has started to recover, led by its gay and live-music scenes. Visitors to Asbury’s boardwalk can still have their fortunes told at Madam Marie’s Temple of Knowledge and play on vintage pinball machines (preserved at the Silverball Museum), but now they’ll also find clothing and jewelry at the Market at Fifth Avenue, sushi and tacos at Langosta Lounge, and surfboards and skateboards at Lightly Salted.